SoMLabs is committed to continue producing its products as long as the critical components in the design are supplied by the vendors. SoMLabs is trying to select the best solutions for its designs to ensure at least 7-10 years longevity for its products based on the commitment provided by the chip vendors. In the rare occasion that a vednor decides to issue EOL for a critical component, SoMLabs will normally receive at least 1-year notice with the option to receive components up to 18 months afterwards. In such case, SoMLabs will inform its customers of the expected EOL with the option for a life-time buy.

Product Excpected Longevity Comments
VisionSOM-6ULL (SLS16Yx)
ARM Cortex-A7
2031 Longevity based on NXP production plan
VisionSOM-8Mmini (SLS23)
ARM Cortex-A53 (quad core)+Cortex-M4
2034 Longevity based on NXP production plan
VisionSOM-RT (SLS12Rx)
ARM Cortex-M7
2032 Longevity based on NXP production plan
VisionSOM-STM32MP1 (SLS18)
ARM Cortex-A7 (dual core)+Cortex-M4
2030 Longevity based on STMicroelectronics production plan