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SoMLabs SoM modules

Why SoM?

System on Module (SoM) is a small form-factor, ready-to-use, processor module. It consists of the hardware and software for developing any embedded product.

SoM allows you to accelerate time-to-market for your embedded products and to reduce project schedule and overall cost. SoM requires a matching customer’s board or a carrier board to establish a complete computer system (Computer on Board).

Why does SoM reduce your embedded product development cost and risk?

  • Custom engineering
  • Save your resources
  • Optimize your product development cost
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Avoid risk - use proven solution

SoM is an ideal solution to custom engineering!


Whatever you need

SoMLabs develops and manufactures a wide range of embedded platforms such as System on Modules (SoM) and Carrier Boards (CB) for embedded projects. Rapidly growing embedded market demands superior competitive SoM solutions (price/performance). In order to satisfy this demand SoMLabs offers extensive range of SoMs and CBs for all industrial sectors. Our company cooperates with leading silicon vendors to ensure at least 7...10 years lifetime for its products.

Board Design Services

SoMLabs provides development and consulting services on a variety of embedded platforms including FPGA technology. Our rich experience in embedded solution development is a great solution to shorten time-to-market and to optimize cost of robust designs.

Software Development Services

Our Linux and software experts are ready to meet your needs. Our software engineers provide software design support along customer’s development at any stage of the project.

SoMLabs provides design, development and manufacturing services!

SoMLabs SoM modules design



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