4 channel USB 2.0 hub with PCIe system interface

  • 4 channel USB 2.0 host on single PCIe interface
  • M.2 socket key M
  • Single lane device compatible
  • Equipped with USB-A connectors adapter
  • Requires external 5V powers supply for USB devices

SL-PCIe-USB-host is 4 channel USB 2.0 hub with PCIe system interface.

The SL-PCIe-USB is equipped with M.2 key M socket, and has single lane PCIe interface.

Features SL-PCIe-USB-host
PCIe 2.0, single lane
USB 2.0, 4 channels
Function USB host
Power supply
Logic 3.3V from PCIe connector
USB devices 5V from external adapter
Mechanical format
PCIe key M
PCIe size 2260