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We are pleased to announce that SoMLabs has signed a contract with Elhurt company. Elhurt is a company that was created in 1990 in Gdańsk (Poland). Currently, Elhurt is one of the biggest distributors of electronic, electromechanical, industrial automatic components in Poland.
The 7’ LCD-TFT display for SoMLabs module SL-TFT7-TP-800-480 (product description:, wiki page: is equipped with a capacitive touch panel controller from FT5x06 series. We are pleased to announce that SoMLabs has published an example how to use it with VisionSOM module:
We are pleased to announce that SoMLabs has signed a contract with Symmetron company. Symmetron is a well-known company that was created in 1993 in Russia. Nowadays it is one of the leading electronic distributors in Russia. Thanks to this agreement SoMLabs products are easier available in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
We are pleased to announce that SoMLabs has introduced to its offer 7-inch LCD-TFT display from Powertip with multitouch capacitive panel (SL-TFT7-TP-800-480). The display can be connected to a carrier board VisionCB-STD with FPC50 flat cable. Product description: Wiki page: The example of using SL-TFT7-TP-800-480:
We are pleased to announce that SoMLabs has signed a contract with Transfer Multisort Elektronik (TME) and since now our products are available worlwide. TME is a company that was created in 1990 in Łódź (Poland). It evolved from a small shop that offered electronic components for service and small production purposes. Currently, Transfer Multisort Elektronik is one of the ...
“Enable Industrial Connectivity – Linux Embedded in examples” Vissa company, our distributor in Russia, together with NXP provided workshops for engineers in Russia in April 2018. During the hands-on workshops engineers learnt how to start using Linux operating system with a hardware based on NXP i.MX 6ULL application processor (ARM Cortex-A7 single core). Target Audience: Engineers with MCU expertise Engineers with intermediate Linux experience The ...
i.MX6ULL is a single core cost optimized processor, but it is still able to deal with graphics! In this example on we show how to handle with hardware-accelerated video playback on the VisionSOM-6ULL (GStreamer with support for PxP engine).
  On February 27. will start in Nuremberg, Germany one of the biggest in Europe fair – Embedded World 2018. SoMLabs will present there VisionSOM modules, new LCD-TFT with capacitive touch panel module and carrier board. Hardware modules presentations will be held at the stands of Powertip (stand 1.115) and Micron (stand 3A.516) companies.
VisionSOM computers we manufacture and our company have interested the editor of the Polish monthly magazine “Elektronik”. As a result, the interview with our CTO – Piotr Zbysiński – was published. You can read it in printed and electronic version of Elektronik magazine and in professional portal
The official partner account in the NXP website is already active! Partnership agreement signed in October is now confirmed by the publicly available  account. We will publish there all important informations about our hardware and software offer, specially about new developments based on i.MX processors. Account is available >> here.